This is a site where you can find lyrics for Ghanaian gospel music. The words hosted here are for the benefit of not just Ghanaian and Christians but from all who may enjoy. In order to make as large an impact as possible please remember to:
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2. Comment (tell us how you feel)
3. Contribute (suggest a song, possible edits to a song or ways we can improve)

Thank you for visiting and we hope everything is to your satisfaction.


  1. Thanks for sharing.
    Please explain the ‘h’ in gospel where you have ‘ghospelyrics’, instead of ‘gospelyrics’.

  2. Love every bit of the song lyrics going to help make praise and worship tym effective now that we have lyrics of various songs available to us .Cheers Guys good work done

  3. I am a foreign student from Liberia based on GIMPA Campus and I do worship with the Greenhill International Church. However, i have realized that in order to Worship God with my soul , spirit and body, i need to know the lyrics and and understand the meaning of especially Ghanaian songs. The Ghanaian songs are really inspiring. For example: WOSE AYEYI and the dialect part of John Sena’s “Reign Jesus Reign”. I hope you can be help to me. I intend to make this site my Worship Library.


  4. Please love lyrics of this site but how can get this song, today is special to Mark your birth and a to sing and rejoice happy birthday to you.and who sang this song

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