Bo Ji Nyonmo Ji Nyonmo(You Are The Only God)

Wɔkε wɔ tsui fεε ba sumɔ Bo
(We will love You with all our hearts)
Ejεakε Bo klεŋklεŋ ni Osumɔ wɔ
(Because You first loved us)
Moko bε ni tamɔ Bo; Bo yeo Omantsε kε yaa naanɔ
(There is none like You; You reign forever)
Bo ji Nyonmɔ, ji Nyonmɔ ni wɔ le
(You are the only, the only God we know)
Bo oyeo mantsε kε yaa naanɔ
(You shall reign for ever more)

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  1. We so very much grateful for such worship songs that takes us to the Throne of Grace. God bless the composers. May they continue to make themselves available for the Lord to use to His Glory.

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