Ese Oluwa

Ese Baba Oh
Awadupe Baba…
He gave me shelter when I had no other
He made a way when there was no way
He turn my darkness into light
(Awadupe Baba)
He put food on my table Daddy
You comfort me when I was lost
Who can be compared unto you?
( Awadupe Baba)
Awaupe Baba oooo
(Awadupe Baba)
Awadupe Eledumare
(Awadupe Baba)

Ese Baba oo

Awadupe Baba
Baba, wey
Baba wey dey for heaven now ooh
We go praise You now,eeeh
We go praise You Baba
Praise You Baba , Praise You Baba eeeh
We go praise You Baba …..

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