Hwan Na Na

Hwan na na nguanhwefo
(Who is He in yonder stall)
Koto no mmoadan mu ho
(At whose feet the shepherds fall?)
Ewuradze a, O anwanwasem
(‘Tis the Lord! O wondrous story)
Ewuradze a, Enyinyam Hen no
(‘Tis the Lord the King of Glory)
Ontwa nhwe ne nan ase
(At His feet we humbly fall)
Na wohye n’aboso Hen
(Crown Him, crown Him Lord of all)
Verse 2
Hwan na na orebo mpae
(Lo, at midnight, who is He)
Wo esum ho Gathsemani
(Prays in dark Gethsemane?)
Hwan na na w’afi awofum
(Who is He that from the grave)
Reboa yen regye yen kwa
(Comes to heal and help and save)

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