Na Wo To Onyankopon Ne Akowa Moses Ho Ndwom

Na wɔ to Onyankopɔn N’akowa Moses ndwom
(And they sing the song of Moses, the servant of God)
Ne Oguamba Ne ndwom sε Ewurade Nyankopɔn
(The song of the Lamb of God)
Ade nyinaa so tumfo
(Ruler over all things)
Wo ndwuma yε kεse na εyε wanwa
(Great and marvelous are Your works)
Meresanten Hene W’akwan tene
(Everlasting King, Your ways are perfect)
Meresanten Hene, Wo ndwuma yε kεse
(Everlasting King, Your works are great and marvelous)
Meresanten Hene
(Everlasting King)
W’akwan tene na εyε wanwa
(Your ways are perfect and marvelous)

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