Ampara Wo Ye Daa Daa Nyame (Eugene Zuta)

Ampara, Wo yε daa daa Nyame
(Truly, You are the Everlasting God)
Ampara, Wo yε soro Egya
(Truly, You are our Heavenly Father)
Ampara, obiara ntse sε Wo
(Truly, there is none like You)
Eno ntsi, yεbεsom Wo daa
(For this, we will forever praise You)
Wo yε daa Nyame, Egya pa ne Wo
(You are the Eternal God, Our Father)
Wotse saa daa, Wonnsesa da
(You are the same, You never change)
Wɔ ahoɔden mu, wɔ nimdeε mu
(In strength, In wisdom)
Ɔsoro nyinaa
(All heavens)
Wo mba, yεbεbɔ Wo din na y’asɔre Wo
(Your children, we will praise Your name and exalt You)
We worship You Lord

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