Awanwasem Yi De Etse Sen(Agyenkwa Yesu)

Agyenkwa Yesu firi soro tɔɔ
(Savior Jesus came all the way from heaven)
Bε wui ma me, Bε wui ma wo
(To die for you, to die for me)
Ɔdebɔyεni ɔtsε me na W’ayε me sε yi
(You have done this for a sinner like me)
Awanwasεm yi de εtse sεn
(How could this wonderful news be)
Sε Yesu bε wui ma me εne wo
(That Jesus came to die for me and You)
Ogyaa N’ahenkyεw ne N’ahengwa
(He left His kingship and His throne)
Na W’ayε me sε yi
(And has made me this way)

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