Ewuradze Wonyi M'adze Nyinaa (Mame Yε Sε Obotantim A)

Ewuradze Wo ne m’ade nyinaa
(Lord You are my all)
Sε wonnyi hɔ a, nka mennsε hwee
(Without You I am nothing)
M’Agyenkwa dεifo ei,
(My Savior)
Ewuradze m’ahoɔdzen nye Wo
(Lord You are my strength)
Eno ntsi na mekoto serε Wo sε
(That is why I kneel asking of You)
Agyenkwa hyε Wo ho enuonyam
(Savior, glorify Yourself)
Ma nyimpa nyinaa nhu sε
(For all men to see)
Wo ne Ewuradze
(You are Lord)
Me Wura Nyame
(My Lord and God)
Wo na me dan Wo
(You are the One I look to)
Mesu frε Wo a, Egya εya tsie me ne
(When I cry to You, Father do listen to my voice)
Wo ne m’abandenden
(You are my fortress)
Wo ne me Yehowa
(You are my Lord)
Minnyi Obia Egya agye sε Wonkoaa
(I have no one but You)
Fa Wo nsa tserenee no
(With Your Righteous Hand)
Gye me firi m’atamfo nsa mu
(Rescue me from the hands of my enemies)
Ma wonhyehyε nyinaa
(Cause all their plans)
Dan no yε nhyira ma me
(Turn them around to become blessings in my favor)
Mefiri me nyimpa dua nyinara mu
(From every part of my being)
Fa wo tumi no bɔ me ho ban
(Protect me with Your power)
Na ma me yε sε obotantim a ennhinhim
(And make me an immovable mountain)

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