Jesus Wo Yε Jesus (Agya Onyame)

Jesus wo yε Jesus
(Jesus You are Jesus)
Abɔde nyinaa Wura Jesus
(Jesus the Savior of all creation)
Tεkyerεma nyina bεka sε Wo yε Owura
(Every tongue will declare Your lordship)
Metsi pegyafo Jesus, mpaebɔtiefo Jesus
(The lifter up of my head, prayer answering Jesus)
Mefiri m’akoma mu meka sε Wo yε Owura
(I declare Your lordship from my heart)
εyε Wo na W’atɔ me aboɔden
(You purchased me at a price)
W’etua me ka nyinaa ama me
(You have paid all my debts)
Wo nkotoo na Wo sε ayeyi
(You alone deserve the praise)
Mede me ho nyinaa ma Wo
(I give my whole being to You)
Agya Onyame W’adom no dɔɔso
(Lord, Your grace is abundant)
W’adom no nti menso ma sε bi
(Your grace has made me worthy)
Agya Onyame Wo sombo mame
(Lord, You are precious to me)
Mefiri m’akoma mu me hyε W‘enuonyam
(I give You glory from my heart)
Odom Barima Jesus, obotantim Nyankopɔn
(Jesus the Solid Rock)
Wona w’eyi me efiri akaka benfoɔ nsa mu
(You have delivered me from the hands of the evil one)
ɔdɔfɔ bεn na ɔtesε Wo
(Who can love me like You)
ɔgyefo bεn na ɔtesε Wo
(What Savior is like You)
Sε m’ennya Wo nka me yε dεn
(Without You what would I do)
Odomfo Nyankopɔn
(My Lord)

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