Ohen Oreba O

Ɔhen ɔreba O
(The King is coming)
Ɔsabarima ei
(Our warrior and protector)
Yesu Na ɔreba O
(Jesus is coming)
Ei Ei
Ɔbεba bεfa yεn
(He will come for us)
Ei Ei
Ɔbεba bεfa yεn na y’akodi ehurusi
(He will come and take us to celebrate with Him)
Yε ne No bε tsena daa
(We will be with Him forever)
Ei Ei
N’ahendzi firi soro, Ei Ei
(His kingdom is divine)
N’ahendzi fata No
(He is worthy of His kingship)
N’ahendzi firi soro na N’ahendzi fata No
(His kingdom is divine and He is worthy of His kingdom)
Ɔda N’abetsir so
(His government rests upon His shoulders)

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