Wayemyie Dooso

Yԑ da ho te nkwa mu a
(If we are still alive)
ԑyԑ W’adom ara kwa
(it is because of Your grace )
Yesu, Wo na Woyε ade nyina yie, Nyame
(Jesus, You make all things good, my God)
W’eyi me efri mmusu muo
(You have delivered me from a curse)
W’eyi me efri esian muo
(You have delivered me from danger)
W’amma m’enim enngu ase o
(You did not put me to shame)
Onyame W’ayem yie
(Oh God Your compassion endures forever)
Ne W’adɔyԑ dϽϽso
(And Your compassion endures forever)
Aseda ne ayeyi ndwom
(songs of thanksgiving and praise)
Na yԑ de bԑma Wo
(we offer unto You)
Sԑ yԑ hwԑ ade a w’ayԑ a Yesue
(When we look at what You’ve done Jesus)
W’adom dϽϽso, ano nntumi nka
(Your grace endures forever, Words cannot express)
W’adϽyԑ so o, W’adϽyԑ yԑ wanwao
(How great Your love is, Your love is amazing)
Yԑ bԑ ka ade a W’ayԑ
(we’re going to say what You’ve done)
Ama aman nyinaa ate o
(For all the world to hear)
Yԑ bԑto alleluya
(We will sing Alleluya)
Ama Wo din daa nyina
(To Your name forevermore)
Aseda Wura W’ayemyie so
(Praise owner, Your compassion is great)
Wonkotoo na yԑ dan Wo o
(It’s You alone we tend to)
Onyame W’ayem yie
(Oh God Your compassion endures forever)
Ne W’adϽyԑ dɔɔso
(And Your compassion endures forever)

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