Yesu Yε Ͻhene (Yεde Tumi Nyinara)

Yε de tumi nyinara ɔwɔ soro ne asaase
(All power in heaven and on earth)
Ahyε Yesu nsa sε yε bɔ Ne din a
(Have been given to Jesus Christ)
Yε bɔ Ne din a
(That at the mention of His Name)
Kotodwe nyina bε koto No
(Every knee will bow)
Tεkyerεma nyina di adansε sε
(Every tongue will confess)
Yesu yε Ɔhen, Ɔhene ampa
(Jesus is King, the King of Kings)
Ɔkasa ma mframa nyinara yε din
(He speaks and the wind becomes still)
Ɔkasa ma asɔkyere nyinara yε din
(He speaks and stills the storm)
Ewurade N’asεm
(The Word of God)
N’asεm yε nokware ma me
(His Word is true)
Etsim hɔ daa
(It stands forever)
Kosi ewie
(Till the end)

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