Monhyε No Εnuonyam

Onni bi Adamfo pa, ayarefo wɔn Hwεfo;
(Friend of the poor, caregiver of the sick)
Abɔde me Boafo pa, na ɔdɔ me yi
(My helper who loves me)
Gyedi mu Boafo pa, nhyira nka Wo
(Helper of my faith, I bless You)
Jesus yε mede, Woyε m’Adamfo nwanwa ampa
(Jesus is mine, You’re my truly wonderful friend)
Enti, monhyε No εnuonyam
(So glorify Him)
Enuonyam Hene monhyε No εnuonyam
(Our glorious King, glorify Him)
Wo sε ayeyi
(You are worthy of praise)
Monhyε No εnuonyam daa
(Glorify Him forever)

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